Dental Care in Children

When does a child have to check the teeth to the doctor for the first time? Should take the child to the dentist when the first tooth starts to look. The first new tooth looks at the age of 6 months. In some children, the teeth can appear early as age 4 months or even too late. When up to the age of 1 year has been no visible teeth, still take the child to the dentist to check it. When the first teeth appear here, child dental care should begin.

Before the first teeth appear, clean the gum once or twice a day. The trick is to use a clean cloth baby wipes, wrap it into the index finger and rubbed on the gums. Clean the gums will prevent bacteria collected. Then after the first tooth appears, begin cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush. Although the milk teeth will be loose and replaced the permanent teeth, milk teeth play a role in the development of the face and mouth. Good chewing habits affect the way a good meal, and dental health affects the body's overall health. For that child dental care is required since the beginning.

Avoid the accumulation of sugar

Caries is tooth decay that occurs because of the sugar on the teeth, which would then form the acid vandal tooth enamel. To prevent caries, avoid sugar buildup on teeth. Milk contains sugar, as well as candy and other sweet foods. For children who still had to sleep while sucking on a bottle of milk, you should replace the milk with water during sleep. And also do not dip a pacifier in honey or sugar water when sleeping. Slowly, sleep habits accompanied pacifier and bottle of milk is to be reduced, so that the child accustomed to sleeping without such assistance.

Regular dental checkups

Care of children's teeth everyday should be coupled with an examination of the child's teeth regularly. Notice if the child's teeth appear brown or black plaque, and bring the child to the dentist when you find it. If there is no problem on the teeth, take your child to the dentist at least 1 year for routine checks.

Doctor Amr Moursi, New York University, gives simple tips for the care of children's teeth. Here are suggestions:

Avoid the transfer of bacteria from parents

Many child tooth decay caused by bacterial transfer from the parents who have caries. To avoid this, avoid the use of mugs and cutlery same when eating. Do not lick or suck pacifier to clean it.

Parents also need to have good dental care habits. In addition to avoiding the transfer of bacteria that cause caries, children tend to imitate the behavior and habits of their parents.

Brushing your child's teeth regularly

Brush your child's teeth two times a day, morning and evening before going to bed. Use a bit of toothpaste, about the size of peas for toddlers. Before the 2 year old child, avoid toothpaste that contains fluoride for fear of swallowing. Instead, use a special toothpaste for children.

Regular meals

With regular brushing schedule, set the schedule also eat, namely 3 main meals and 2 snacks in between the three main meals. With this schedule, the child does not eat anymore after toothbrush night and sleep in the condition of the teeth clean.