Lack of Sleep, Children Can be Fussy and Impaired Growth

When your child have trouble sleeping, need sleep time in children can be reduced. Though ideally children, especially those under the age of five years, it took 10-12 hours of sleep. Sometimes, they also need a nap.

If the child insomnia, the cause is very diverse, which must be ascertained whether there is pain like flu, cough, runny nose, fever, diarrhea, or itching. Well it must be addressed immediately.

In addition, insomnia is experienced by children can also be caused by environmental problems such as air hot, stuffy, noisy or there is a TV in the room. Or it could be a child feel uncomfortable with the condition, such as a diaper that is too full or itchy rash that resulted.

If the child is sleep deprived, growth can be disrupted because of the hormone are useful to support the development of the child to work when the child fell asleep.

Aggressive behavior, fussy, and the decline in achievement is an example of the negative impact. Because the impact of sleepiness, the child will be naughty, fussy, and likes his friends continue everynight.

In addition to experiencing the direct impact, children who lack sleep also had an influence on the people around him. Children due to lack of sleep, for example it would be difficult to find friends because of aggressive behavior.