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Causes Of Premature Birth

Ideally a pregnancy takes place within a period of approximately 37 weeks. However, for reasons given birth unexpectedly faster than expected and even when the baby is not able to adjust to changes in the environment outside the womb. Premature rupture of membranes is the cause of premature birth is most common. This can occur when the sac containing the baby and amniotic fluid or gush to be born prematurely. The main symptoms of premature rupture of membranes are vaginal discharge, either directly or gradually, usually vaginal infection or too much amniotic fluid can be trigger factors. Premature rupture of membranes can also occur in pregnancy twins or more.

In addition to vaginal infection or too much amniotic fluid, there are other factors that can lead to premature birth. First, have a weak cervix. Ideally, the cervix will be dilated when the contractions started. Sometimes the baby is growing and pushing the neck, will make an open cervix early before the baby is ready to be born. Secondly, the age of the pregnant mother is also one of the factors triggering premature birth. Women who are older or have over 32 years of age, the risk of complications during pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery and 40% higher compared to younger women. Third, psychological mother. If pregnant women who experience severe stress or depression in early pregnancy or during pregnancy doubled the risk will deliver prematurely. It also cause adverse effects for the baby such as baby malnutrition or even death of the baby before birth. Fourth, have abnormal uterine form can also trigger premature birth.

There are also other factors that can cause premature birth are factors related to socio-economic situation of the family, level of education, the nature of activity of maternal employment, family relationships, psychological support her husband during pregnancy, environmental stress and environmental factors eg settlements and environmental health . Another factor that is often overlooked is the health service. For example, prenatal care is still limited or health care facilities that have not been used optimally.

To avoid premature delivery of the baby, take care of their health, the consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, consume enough water, not smoking and taking into account the signs given by the body. Treatment of premature babies can do with patterns of care and proper nutritional support.

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