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7 Ways for Kids and Baby Wants to Eat

Many ways in which parents so that children will eat with gusto. Various tips and tricks to be a mother to make the food go into the baby's mouth. Make no mistake in feeding the baby or child, because it could make would not eat and it is not good for the health of the baby. The following are 14 tips and ways for children and babies are not fussy eaters.

1. Never force a baby to finish all the food on offer. Better you follow the rhythm of infant feeding, so baby happy and with their own would make the feeding process easier.

2. Prepare boiled water. Can be stored in a small bowl, in a glass or cup can also be given directly to the baby. The use of glass would normally be helping the baby to practice skills rather than providing drinking water in a glass snout.

3. Add the spirit of eating by putting baby food in the form of a device has attracted the attention of babies with funny pictures. Choose dinnerware that is designed specifically for babies to be safe and not hurt the baby's mouth.

4. Create a dining atmosphere that is quite pleasant and relaxing for the baby. For example, to play the songs. Better yet, if the air circulation in the dining area with good air circulation, so that the baby does not feel hot. You can also create an atmosphere in the house to eat as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Free of noisy sounds. Or invite children to eat in a place that most
preferred. Then just let your child spend their food liking, because each child has his own appetite. If the child or infant already feel full, he will stop on its own. Let's not
says "spend all your food" or "let's add another eating". Words like that would be a burden for a child or toddler. Eating enjoyment would be lost with the sentence compulsion to supplement their diets.

5. Many things can affect the peace of the child during meals. Such as television, although your child does not notice it, but it can create confusion. Appetite may be missing or may be reduced. In essence, by the time your child is eating, try to view the child not to stare and focus on one thing only. To support the calm conditions, let him eat with dolls or toys that became his favorite, with the note still want to eat your children. Dolls and her favorite toys just to shut him up when he eats.

6. Do not forget to pay attention to the feeding schedule. Make the best feeding schedule and in accordance with the condition of the baby, then try to continue to stick with it. Thus, the baby will recognize hunger when eating time came and infant feeding process will become easier.

7. In connection with the above feeding schedule, as well as parents we often make the mistake of forcing a child to eat right away. We often provide food for a child or baby on time. In fact, at the time the child or infant may not want to eat. At breakfast, for example, we often directly feed the child after the bath is completed. In fact, some children or babies need time to just raise your baby's appetite. Try to recognize when they're hungry children by giving him a little snack beforehand. If at that time the child eats in large enough quantities, means the baby really feel hungry. Do things like that for a few days to test whether or not it is a habit. Let us not equate with a child mealtime mealtimes adults.

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