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7 Easy Ways to Take Care of Baby

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Take Care of Baby

1. There is a white liquid in which the umbilical cord is still wet.
Do not require special care, just make sure the cord does not smell bad.
Method: After the baby shower, umbilical cord wrap with gauze soaked in 70% alcohol. Do not sprinkle any kind, either antibiotics or powder.
Go to the doctor if: skin around the umbilical cord becomes red, swollen or looks bloody.

2. Baby's mouth unpleasant smells.
It could be because the baby started to drool often due to growing teeth. So that oral health is maintained, every time after eating or drinking milk, wipe the baby's mouth with a special brush. Or with wet gauze pads dipped in lukewarm water and then wrapped around the finger, then rub into teeth.

3. Sticky baby's eyes
Method: wash eyes with cotton soaked in boiled water, from the nose to the ear. Use a cotton swab to completely purge.
Go to the doctor if: there is liquid looks yellow and very sticky.

4. Baby teeth begin to grow.
Babies become lazy eating, more fussy at night due to sore gums and spend a lot of saliva.
• If fever, give medication to reduce the heat.
• Perform touch (light massage) in the jaws so that the baby's mouth more comfortable.

5. Baby's nose is blocked.
Use a special cream warmers for babies, apply to the baby's chest, but when the baby's sensitive skin, apply it on the outside of the shirt so it does not directly onto the skin.

6. There were traces of 'redness' around the mouth and cheeks.
Possibly because the former milk droplets. Immediately after feeding, wipe the baby's cheek and around the mouth of the traces of milk with clean water and a cloth to dry.
Do not sprinkle powder on top of the reddish skin, as it makes the skin dry, and even can cause the skin so itchy.

7. Colds.
To avoid experiencing dehydration or lack of fluids, provide adequate drinking. If the baby is breastfed, breastfed frequently. Sunbathing in the morning, because this activity will help to lenders in the nose.
Do: clean the mucus with a soft cloth handkerchief and absorb water or with a super soft tissue.

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