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Mental Retardation - Pediatric Nursing Care Plan

Pediatric Nursing Care Plan Mental Retardation Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions 

1. Altered Growth and Development related to damage to cognitive function.

Expected results:

  • Children and families actively involved in infant stimulation program. 
  • Families applying these concepts and continue the child care activities at home. 
  • Children perform activities of daily living at optimal capacity. Family ~ find out about educational programs. 
Nursing interventions :
  • Involve children and families in early infant stimulation program. Rational: to help maximize growth in children.
  • Assess the progress of the child's development with regular intervals, for which detailed records to distinguish subtle changes in function. Rational: so the treatment plan can be repaired as needed.
  • Help families set goals for the child's reality. Rationale: to encourage the successful achievement of goals and self-esteem.
  • Provide positive reinforcement / specific tasks to the behavior of children. Rational: as this can improve motivation and learning.
  • Provide information on adolescent social practices and codes of behavior that is concrete and well defined. Rational: because of the ease and lack of assessment of the child persuasion can make children are at risk of dangerous.

2. Altered family processes related to having a child with mental retardation.

Expected results:
  • Family expresses feelings and concerns about the birth of a child with mental retardation and its implications.
  • Family members indicate acceptance of the child.
  • Family members indicate acceptance of the child.

Nursing Interventions:
  •  Provide information on the family as soon as possible during or after birth. Rational: In order for families able to receive the actual circumstances.
  •  Encourage both parents to be present at the conference giving information. Rational: In order for parents to get lots of information about mental retardation.
  •  Discuss with family members about the benefits of home care, give them a chance to investigate all residential alternatives before making a decision. Rationale: So that they can take the best decision for them and their children.
  • Encourage the family to meet with other families who have the same problem. Rational: so they can receive additional support.

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