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Tips for Children to Use Smartphone Safely and Wisely

Tips for Children to Use Smartphone Safely and Wisely

Along with the development of technology is advancing rapidly, the smartphone is endemic to various circles of society, including among all children of school age. Even the kids did not want to miss a trend that already exist. Many school-age children who should not need to have a mobile, but now already have a Smartphone. However, parents should not let their children just using a smartphone.

Smartphones today, be it Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, is a mini computer that can do many things. Smartphone connected to the internet, are able to download a variety of applications and many other things.

Therefore, the children, especially the young, need guidance and supervision when using a smartphone. How parental supervision when children use a smartphone? Here are some tips from Monica Vila, author of Generation Smartphones guide, as quoted by the Mirror.

Should Children Using Smartphone?

Smartphones may make your child safer. But the problem is whether they are able to be trusted to use it?

"With many parents working, maybe a smartphone that you need not to worry, because there are many global positioning, which helps track the location of the child," said Monica.

However, you should not necessarily give you direct a smartphone in children. First, see signs of whether they can be trusted.

For example, look at the child's behavior when using the Internet or play games. Do they stop playing if you ask? Do you dare to conclude they could use it wisely unattended smartphone?

Are they able to keep their stuff? If they easily lose the object belongs, will not be long before they finally lose the phone.

"Before you buy a gadget, make sure they are responsible for the goods belonged here," said Monica.

So when buying a smartphone for the kids, no need to direct the latest models, preferably older models only. If the child wears a successful new smartphone responsibly, they can buy the latest model as a gift.

"The old model is not only cheaper but your child also be required to maintain the confidence of using a cell phone in a responsible manner in order to get the latest models," said Monica.

Before Children Wear Smartphone

Creating passwords is the first step in order to remain more or less the smartphone even if the stolen safe. Also when borrowed a friend of the child, they are not too freely play.

Traded well casing as protection if dropped smartphone. In addition, make sure the child always put smartphones on the appointed place in the bag.

Jump add important numbers numbers in the contacts list, of course including your number, teachers, and others.

Make sure the child to use the phone responsibly and do not overdo it gives pulses. If the child is still too young, they need to ban the playing of smartphones at night because it can lead to various disorders.

"If you let any smartphone in their bedroom, they will not withstand the temptation to play it. They will be hard to sleep and school assignments may be neglected," said Monica.

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