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7 Steps to Overcome Anxiety in Children

Anxiety can be experienced by everyone. Usually this feeling arises when a person wants to face the important things, the things that determine, scary things, and others. These feelings cause tension. These feelings often arise in the hearts of children. As a person who is still unstable, of course children can not solve this problem alone. We as parents would be better if they knew some things that we can do so that children can not easily control the anxiety and feelings.

1. Being a Good Listener

Sometimes a child becomes anxious because there are things that can not be countered or resolve themselves. As parents, we need to understand what is perceived by make our hearts. Not hard to guess when children experience anxiety. Usually they are irregular breathing and many moves. Try to ask what is the reason they are anxious to question them. The most important thing when we ask them is to stay calm. Do not let the anxiety experienced by our heart contagious for ourselves.

2. Give touch

Give a touch of the child in the head or in the shoulder, so that the child can feel calmer, especially when we want to ask about the cause of their anxiety.

3. Avoid words that high pitched or snaps.

In addition to remain calm, avoid words that high pitched or snaps. It is very necessary so that our children can feel more calm. If the child feeling calm, usually they will be more open in telling the causes of their anxiety.

4. Helping children cope with the problem

Help overcome the child does not mean we have to help a total of problems faced by children. But go with the child in solving problems. The important thing here is not to let children feel alone in facing the problems being experienced. But that is no less important, lest we too protect, because it can make children become less independent and spoiled.

5. Explain the meaning of anxiety

For minors, the feeling of anxiety can be a scary thing. It could be that the child does not know the meaning of anxiety and why it can occur in children. We need to explain the meaning of anxiety and give the sense that anxiety can happen to everyone. We also need to provide a solution to deal with the anxiety, for example, adjusting breathing, positive thinking, and against fear.

6. Providing entertainment

A child will be more prone to anxiety, but if we can help in overcoming anxiety, then the child will more quickly return to normal. So that children can forget the problems that create anxiety, we can provide entertainment by taking vacation, playing together, a trip to the mall, or to perform other activities favored by children. It would be better if we invite children into the open, for example in parks, peaks, beaches, etc., so that children can play freely, shouting, and a breath of fresh air.


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