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Nursing Interventions for Retinoblastoma : Acute Pain and Anxiety

Nursing Care Plan for Retinoblastoma

Nursing Diagnosis : Acute Pain related to metastases to the brain, brain tumor suppression direction.

Goal Statement (NOC)
  • The pain felt by the patient is reduced / lost. (Define history of pain, such as the location of pain, frequency, duration, and intensity (scale 0-10) and removal actions are used).

Intervention (NIC)
  • Provide basic comfort measures (eg: repositioning) and leisure activities (eg: homecoming, television).
  • Talk to individuals and families use distraction therapy, as well as other methods of pain relief.
  • Teach pain relief action.
  • Give individual optimal pain relief with analgesics.
  • By knowing the scale of pain sufferers it can be determined that the appropriate action to relieve the pain.
  • Basic comfort measures can reduce pain.
Rationale :
  • Approval of the client and the family will facilitate the implementation of the therapy.
  • Henceforth, the client can take action on their own pain relief.

Nursing Diagnosis : Anxiety related to the disease suffered by the client.

Goal Statement (NOC)
  • Anxiety can be resolved soon.
  • Assess the level of anxiety, the degree of experience of pain / symptoms develop suddenly and the current state of knowledge.
  • Provide information that is accurate and truthful. Discuss with the family that the supervision and treatment can prevent vision loss enhancement.
  • Encourage the patient to acknowledge the problem and express feelings.
  • Identification of sources / people who helped.
  • To facilitate nursing action plan which will be given later.
  • Collaboration with the patient's family will accelerate the healing process.

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