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19 Tips to Educate Children More Smart and Intelligent

Educate Children More Smart and Intelligent

Having a smart and intelligent children certainly an expectation when educating children for all parents. Did you know ? how to educate children so that children are more intelligent and clever, and that I will give in this article.

1. Exclusive breastfeeding help children to be intelligent.
According to one study, children who receive exclusive breastfeeding in infancy well not only have a better immune system, also tend to have a better level of intelligence.

2. Giving attention and praise to grow confident.
Often give attention and praise can increase confidence of children, often give attention and praise for the good things your child did.

3. The importance of communication while educating children.
Children are more likely to catch what was said by the parents, in addition to help add new vocabulary, often communicating with children can add closeness between children and parents.

4. Read a story book or give a fairy tale.
In addition to communication, often reading a story book or give a fairy tale for children also help the power of imagination and intelligence.

5. Attention and affection from family.
Parental affection shown to help keep the attention of children's emotions, educating children in a way that is hard it would be bad for the child later.

6. Accompany children while playing.
In addition to adding proximity with children, accompany children during play can help you identify your interests and potential of children.

7. Singing helps the intelligence of children.
The children tend to be more happy singing, in addition to increasing vocabulary, singing helps the child's confidence, give praise when teaching children to sing.

8. Soft music enhance the intelligence of children.
Often hear the strains of soft music can increase the level of intelligence, concentration, and emotional calmness child, in addition to listening to music, playing a musical instrument teaches also been shown to augment the intelligence of children.

9. Breakfast
Children who used to breakfast tend to have better concentration levels than children who skip breakfast, get used to give the child a good breakfast every day.

10. Sport and healthy food.
More healthy children tend to be more intelligent, always keep the health of children by inviting diligent exercise and always provide a healthy diet.

11. Fish oil helps brain development of children.
Give the fish oil or food sources rich in Omega - 3 and DHA to support brain development of children.

12. Educational games part of children's education.
Provide educational or educational game is already very well known media can be used to educate children.

13. Avoid snacks are not useful.
Always be careful what consumed by children, good to avoid foods that are less useful.

14. Answer questions from children.
Each discover new things, children tend to ask " what's that ? " or " what is this ? ", help the child understand all the new things with a good explanation even if the child does not ask, it is very effective to increase knowledge of children.

15. Environmental factors determine the intelligence of children.
According to a Japanese study, children who grow up in noisy environments have lower levels of memory than children who grow up in a quiet neighborhood.

16. Adequate rest.
Children with a break or hours of good sleep tend to have high levels of concentration and better intelligence.

17. Traveled, fun and educational.
Children who frequently traveled to the natural attractions tend to have high levels of quietness and better intelligence, a time when you least once a month to encourage children traveled nature.

18. Avoid stress in children.
Just like adults, children also sometimes have problems, it is the importance of communication and openness to the children, accompanied by the child when he looks different than usual, and help your child through the problems he faced, usually in school or play environment.

19. Prayer and effort is a combination of a child's education method.
You certainly never tired of providing education for children, accompanied also your day to pray to God because He is the one who gives the intelligence, and the success of your efforts.

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