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Caring for Children with Typhoid at Home

Caring for Children with Typhoid at Home. Body temperature that would not go down despite being given febrifuge should quickly look for the cause. If typhoid symptoms accompanying this complaint,  immediately visited the doctor. To ensure typhoid, a doctor may perform blood tests in laboratory. Tests carried out so-called widal test, which is a typical blood test to diagnose typhoid.

Immediately after blood tests detected the presence of typhus, the doctor will give you specific medicines. If necessary, patients are also treated at the hospital. If for some consideration, the child had to be treated at home, the following tips and how to care home :

Patients must complete bed rest with a separate bedroom from the other family members. Likewise, the equipment must use a special meal just for patients. Those who serve the patient should immediately wash their hands either before or after the patient encounter. Because typhoid patients more lying,  Position must be frequently changed to avoid blisters and sores on the skin. Besides the general cleanliness must be maintained, oral hygiene also should not go unnoticed. Try to keep the mouth clean and moist always.

Food : Basically all types of food that the patient may be given, the origin of the soft shape. Difficult to digest foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat or fatty clay, should be avoided. Patients should be frequently given fluids, at least two liters a day. In the early phase of symptoms, which can be given basic food can be porridge strain, milk porridge, milk and eggs. As for water, juice, and tea, can help meet the needs of fluid intake. If the patient improves, feeding can be increased by adding a side dish of fish, chicken and meat. Pudding, bread and butter can also be given, the origin still choose foods that are easily digested and soft shape. Food like a normal person should be given a new doctor if the person has been declared cured of typhoid.

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