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Nurses Role in Pediatric Nursing

Here's Nurses Role in Pediatric Nursing

1. Care Givers
Is the primary role that nurses provide nursing care to individuals, families, groups or communities in accordance with the problems that occur from problems that are simple to complex. Examples of the nurse's role as caregiver is a role when nurses to meet basic needs such as feeding, help patients perform early ambulation.

2. As a family advocate
As a client advocate, the nurse is responsible for helping clients and families in interpreting information from a variety of service providers and the information necessary to take approval (informed concent) for nursing actions that are given to him. The role of the nurse as a family advocate can be shown to provide an explanation of operating procedures that will be done before the patient's surgery.

3. Educator
Nurses are responsible for the education and teaching of nursing science to the client, nursing staff and other health professionals. One aspect to consider is the aspect of education in nursing, as behavior change is one of the goals of nursing care. Nurses must be able to act as educators for individuals, families, groups and communities. Provide health education on treatment of diarrhea is one example of the role of the nurse as an educator (health educator)

4. Counseling
The main task is to identify changes in the pattern of nurse client interaction to a healthy state of pain. A change in the pattern of this interaction is the basis for planning nursing actions. Counseling provided to individuals, families experience in integrating health with past experience. Focused on problem solving; care issues, health behavior change (changing patterns of interaction).

5. Collaboration
In this case the nurse with clients, families, other health team seeks to identfikasi necessary health services including brainstorming the necessary client services, providing support, expertise and skills blend of various professional health providers. For example, nurses collaborate with nutritionists to determine the proper diet in children with nephrotic syndrome. Nurses collaborate with physicians to determine the appropriate dose to give antibiotics to children who suffer from the infection.

6. Researcher
A nurse is expected to be the innovator (innovator) in nursing because he has the creativity, initiative, responsiveness to stimuli from their environment. This activity can be obtained obtained through research. Research, is essentially doing evalusai, measuring ability, assess, and consider the extent to which the effectiveness of the actions that have been given. With the results of the study, nurses can move others to do something based on the needs, aspirations and development of individuals, families, groups and communities. Therefore nurses are required to keep abreast of utilizing the mass media or other information from various media sources. Besides nurses need to do research in order to develop and enhance nursing practice nursing profession.

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