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Nursing Diagnosis for Mental Retardation (MR)

Nursing Care Plan for Mental Retardation (MR)

A. Assessment

The assessment consists of a comprehensive evaluation of the shortcomings and strengths associated with the adaptive skills; communication, self-care, social interaction, use of facilities in the community self-direction, health care and safety, functional academic, recreational skill formation, and tranquility.

B. Nursing Diagnosis

1. Impaired growth and development related to cognitive dysfunction.
2. Impaired verbal communication related to cognitive dysfunction.
3. Risk for injury related to aggressive behavior imbalance of physical mobility.
4. Impaired Social Interaction related to difficulty speaking / social adaptation difficulties.
5. Interrupted family processes related to having a child with mental retardation.
6. Self care deficit related to changes in physical mobility / lack of developmental maturity.

C. Intervention

1. Assess the factors causing impaired child development.
2. Identification and use of educational resources to facilitate optimal child development.
3. Provide consistent care.
4. Increase communication verbal and tactile stimulation.
5. Give simple instructions and repeat.
6. Give positive reinforcement on child outcomes.
7. Encourage children to do their own maintenance.
8. Difficult child behavior management.
9. Encourage children to socialize with the group.
10. Create a safe environment.

D. Education on Parents

1. Each stage of child development for ages.
2. Support parental involvement in child care.
3. Anticipatory guidance and management face a difficult child behavior.
4. Inform existing educational facilities and groups.

E. Expected results
1. Children to function optimally the relevant level.
2. Families and children are able to use coping with challenges due to disability.
3. Families are able to obtain the resources community facilities.

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